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Singer, songwriter and cancer survivor, Charlie Lustman, has composed and produced the first ever pop music album about a cancer experience. Made Me Nuclear, Charlie's collection of 13 pop songs, is designed to help the millions of people affect by cancer by giving them a personal and uplifting account of his ordeal from diagnosis, recovery and beyond.

Made Me Nuclear

©2008 Charlie Lustman


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Shaya CD

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This album was inspired by Charlie's son, Shaya, and everyone who loves children. It's a concept album that Charlie was recording when he was diagnosed with cancer. In fact, Charlie wrote the last song when he was in between surgeries and completed the Shaya recordings while going through chemotherapy. For lyrics, credits and photos visit

Shaya The Album

©2007 Charlie Lustman


The Golden Road CD


Charlie's first record, The Golden Road, began in the Spring of 1992 while living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Charlie then fled to Costa Rica where he composed most of these songs overlooking Flamingo Bay. After his Cross Canadian Solo Acoustic Folk Blues tour, Charlie rolled into Montreal and met up with his former partner, Jean Francois Brissette, who convinced Charlie to stay in town long enough to lay down some of his new creations to tape.

The Golden Road

©1994 Charlie Lustman & Jean Francois Brissette

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